Aberystwyth Adventure

The Aberystwyth Adventure

At each Jamboree Unit meeting I’m always surprised at the amount of money the youngsters bring in from various sponsored activities.  So I order to demonstrate that I’m just as up to the challenge as they are and to push the unit forward towards it’s target I’d like to announce a little sponsored activity of my own.

The Aberystwyth Adventure

At 9PM on Saturday the 28 August I’m going to start pedalling from the Council House here in Birmingham and I’m going to cycle through the night to Aberystwyth Pier.  My google maps calculations make it to be just over 110 miles and involves cycling over the Cambrian Mountains, and I’m going to do it on a folding bike … Unsupported!

People who know me from old will realise that I’m not the strapping 18 year old I once was and part of the challenge is to loose enough weight and build up enough fitness so that I don’t die somewhere in North Wales.  So there’s a lot to do, I’ve got to stop dawdling on my commutes and stop eating pie.  The Brompton will need some fettling to make sure I don’t end up having a cataclysmic failure on the way and I may have to buy some more suitable long distance cycling clothing, jeans and a polo shirt might not cut it.

How can you help I here you cry …

Well to be blunt, you can give me your money.  I’ll have sponsor forms with me pretty much all the way up to departure and probably with me when I cycle to Aberystwyth.  You could also come and see me off, or for the brave and adventurous you could meet me in Aberystwyth and cheer me over the finish line … and then make sure I don’t collapse in a heap on the promenade.

If you don’t think you’ll see me before the event and still want to support me, or would rather use your credit card you can use the handy link below (uses Just Giving).

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