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Bikes it’s a love hate thing

I’ve not had much luck recently, first my beloved Bromptons rear wheel split this is after replacing the whole wheel in December.  Then while putting my mountain bike back together discovered that the freewheel had jammed up over the winter, it’s now a geared fixed.  I can actually pedal backwards though I am pretty sure that won’t do the de railer any good.  Meanwhile my Kona needs new headset bearings, bottom brackets, and a few spokes for the rear wheel.

All this means that I’ve had to drive to work, which sucks hard.

With all being well, i’ll have a new wheel in the Brompton by sun down on Monday and I’ll find my chain whip and free up the free wheel on the mountain bike.  The Kona is going to get some shiny toys over the summer to kit it out as an uber fast winter commuter.

Has this put me off cycling in any way, nah, not whatsoever.