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Welcome To The UK International Service Team And UK Contingent

This is the first post in my Scouting 2007 section, and it’s a good start. Yesterday my letter of acceptence from the UK contingent manager arrived in the post making me an official member of the 21st World Scout Jamboree next year. Ok so potientially i’ll be empting toilets but at leased I’ll be there with 8000 other service team members, 40,000 participants and 80,000 visitors a day.

Now ive just got to find the other £457 to send off.

On the plus side they do throw in some gear, at the moment we get a polo shirt, necker, woggle, and uniform badges. The book of gear we can buy extra is appearing soon so there will be some goodies worth having in that no doubt. Now Iv’e got to wait and see if county will spring for anything, I need a new uniform shirt.

Right now wheres my sack, gotta get back out on the bike. Helping with cubs tonight.