News from beyond the abyss

Ok so it’s been ages and I mean ages since I last updated the site but hey, i’m only human. It’s not like i’m some internet celebrity or anything so stop your whining.


In the last post back in August I talked about how I had just enabled the flickr gallery plugin and my photos now appeared here, fantastic or what. Well after realising that flickr wanted 24.99 from me to be able to have more than 3 gallerys I decided to not bother and revamp another one of my internet properties. check out it’s running gallery 2 and is far more upto date than my flickr account was.

Old Friends

A guy I used to work with when I was in schools Ben Richards has just changed his website again and is now running wordpress (about bloody time if you ask me), i’m sure the design will change every other month as seems to be his habit. Check it out at, he’s got some really funny friends.

2007 and Other Jamboree Stuff

If you noticed the new category called “Scouting 2007” then you also probably noticed that it’s empty, theres a reason for that I havn’t written anything yet. Lets be truthfull I havn’t written a whole lot of anything at all recently. Keep an eye out for news, photlogs, and other stuff here and at Second City Journal.

Thats it for now.

5 replies on “News from beyond the abyss”

Dude its changed about 10 times in the past day and a half! I’m pretty sure its gonna stay as it is now though. Just a few minor tweaks to implement then I’ll start adding some proper content.

Anyway what happened to this big update we were all promised???????

The big update got delayed somewhat. I may or may not have forgotten to pay for my internet connection or my phone bill I can’t remember which, but its back now so we are all good.

Yeh i noticed that i kept getting the “contact the billing department” page when going to your site maybe a week ago or something like that.

So when’s the update planned for?

that error was because my credit card got cloned and ripped off. Teach me to use a cash point late at night whilst half cut. I had to cancel it and then the transaction didn’t go through.

Big update maybe soon, maybe this weekend.

cool, the same thing pretty much happened to my mate. He had to cancel all his cards. It wasa right pain in the bottom.

Looking forward to the update, i do check quite often!