Someone Moved My Cheese

I havn’t posted for a while and to be honest I have had good reasons for once.  We have had a fairly turbulent time at work of late, there has been a budget shortfall for the next financial year and we have been trying to realign the ICT team to keep our jobs safe.  This ultimatly means that we are having to multi-task across a whole spectrum of roles.  It’s a bit of a chore at the moment being back on a rota system, but I guess once we have got into the swing of it everything will come together.

As well as PHP development and the training room management, which I took on a while ago I’m also going to be leading on some Video Conferencing projects as well as doing some conference AV support.  The plus side is when you are out at conference you get overtime.

It makes me think about how many other companies have to carry out this sort of movement to make the ICT team more financially viable, I guess it can’t be just limited to public sector bodies.  The upside of all of this happening is that I have just returned from an excellent four day project management course at Birminham University, this confirmed some of my exisiting ideas about management of projects as well as filled in all the blanks, I wonder if this is a field I should be moving into?