Configuring Cisco Routers

It’s been a long time and a few IOS versions since ive had to do it but today I finally managed to configure my Cisco Soho 97 router from the CLI.  It’s the hard way but the web config didn’t work and when you get these things free you can’t complain.

I have configured Cisco hardware before but never ADSL settings so this was a whole bag of new fun. Nowhere on the net was an actual list of the settings needed to configure the box for the UK’s ADSL isp’s.  So it was a case of find a bit here, a bit there, reload, try again.  Eventually it all worked and i’m writing this connected to the net on my iBook.

The plus is I get my windows laptop back, what i’m going to do with it is the question.  the guys over at Make have a Skype payphone, that could be an interesting project or a mini server.  Who knows what it could be.