Development and Tea

Development and Tea

After a busy weekend at the Scout Association AGM  I launched straight into the week with a busy evening of meetings. First up a quick catch up with my county chair about the upcoming  management team meeting and a few key points from the AGM.

Moving on I headed to 11th Solihull for a meeting with Liz and Stephanie from the regional development service and Simon who is starting up a group for us in Smiths Wood. Simon is not planning on running the group but is acting as a enabler and project manager the group will ultimately be run by the community.

Over tea we had a chat about the current position of the project, possible mentors, venues, and the issues we’ve had so far. Top of our list, communications and improving them followed by the venue. We really want the group to have a great place to meet so more identifying of possible places and pouring over google maps.

All in all we are getting there, all being well the group will be a great success.

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