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Christmas Dinner

A few days ago the official announcement that I was to succeed Katy Sara as County Commissioner of Solihull was made (more on that later). And apart from some admin and paperwork I pretty much thought nothing would happen until after Christmas.

So when the invite to join the 1st Solihull Nelson Sea Scouts for their Christmas dinner came I was delighted and a little scared all at the same time.

So along with the welcome which was immensely friendly and made myself and Bob feel at ease and like we fitted in the food was awesome. You could smell it when we came into the hall but when the trays started moving from the two kitchens into the hall I very nearly drooled on myself. I’m not going to lie I had two helpings.

After the dinner we helped judge a Christmas cake decorating competition and give out awards to members of the group.

And then there was pudding, cake, home made ice cream, cream and custard.

This really stands out as possibly the best way to start a new appointment, full on Christmas dinner and some good times. A big thank you to the 1st Solihull Nelson Sea Scouts for making us feel so welcome in the County.

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