Scouting & Guiding Technology

To GPL or Not To GPL

I’ve been working on a reasonably exciting project of late. Sort of an extension in the work i’ve been doing for various Scouting events using Wordpress over the years.

I’ve been building a booking system.

Not just any booking system, this is a purpose for the event booking system, i’m hoping to expand into a fully fledged customisable Scout event booking system pluggable into Wordpress that I intend to use for a forthcoming major event. But first I have to make it work for iceSCOUT.

The question i’m asking here is simple, do I GPL and eventually release the code or do I keep the thing closed source and let it live on the site and my hard disk in isolation. I’m not sure I’m intending to make any money from this, either by selling the code or by selling the service but might it be any use to anyone?

Answers on a postcard.