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Please Don’t Kill Me

The IAM today published a press release talking about the number of cyclists who admit to running red lights. The data used was taken from a self selected online poll, not a truly proper survey and performed by a marketing and PR department rather than a mathematician or statistician. I make that comment because they got their maths wrong.

However what has really got my goat is the comments on the lower half of the internet, I’d like to belive that most of the people posting are just keyboard warriors, but the problem is that for some people the simple fact they are in a car or truck or whichever feels it gives them the right to enforce their version of the law.

A lovely specimen called “Peter Bishop” decided to post on the BBC breakfast page on Facebook

if a stupid cyclist cycles on the pavement then clothesline them….serves them right for being illegal, if they cross a red light then run them down…serves them right…..

Peter is one of our lauded public service heroes working in the Gloucestershire Fire Service. You can see the comments at or if you like tweet Gloucestershire fire service on @Glosfire about it.

The thing is, some cyclists do run red lights, but so do some motorists. I’d bet the number of motorists per 100 people running red lights is higher than the number of cyclists per 100 people running lights. People can be arses to each other, which is a terrible thing however I guess my feeling is this,

I just want to live my life how I choose.

I want to be able to ride my bike without the chance of my girlfriend getting a visit from two police officers to tell her I’m never coming home. When someone says “I’ll knock you off” or threatens you with their car the consequence is that I might die. Is my life really only worth the short delay I’ve caused to your day?

I’m someone’s son, I’m someone’s lover, I’m a flipping human being for crying out loud.

For the sake of argument I’d like to point out that I do stop at red lights, I do however get passed quite often by cars running them.