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Ok so this was yesterday and I’ve only just posted but the late September sunshine is lovely.

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Alright lodders,

Long time no see. . . . .

Can I ask you for some bike related advice?

Im looking for a hybrid type road bike (flat bar) any recomendations? I’ve been using an old full suspension MTB for a few weeks now but its bouncing me all over the place.

Cheers pal, hope all is well.


Specialised have some cracking bikes in the flat handle bar market at the moment, the Sirius looks ok. Kona usually have some good ones in the Dew / Dew Deluxe range. Depends how much you want to spend really, check out usually some good commuter bike advice there.

Thanks Dave,
Managed to pick myself a Chris Boardman Hybrid Comp 2010 off eBay for a bargin.
Just need to learn to ride the bloomin thing on the roads now!