Jamboree 2011

No Rain…. Yet

I’ve been a bit tardy with my blogging the last couple of days mostly because its been really busy, and partly because it’s been raining so we’ve been trying really hard to keep the kids spirits up.

It’s hard to be positive when your wet through to your underwear, but I really did think the games and challenges on Quest yesterday where really good fun.

Last night for tea we had 20 Finnish scouts join us, my patrol were on cooking duty and produced an alright beef stir fry and Swedish doughnuts, the clearing up took forever but the kids got on famously and was a big reminder of why we are here.

There’s a bit of a rumour that the me and the other leaders may be staying in a hotel for Ho Ho with the kids staying with families. I could probably manage a hotel stay about now.

Onwards and upwards