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Spitfire 24

It’s been just over a week since we got home from this years Spitfire Scout District Camp which I named Spitfire 24.  I have only just about recovered.

Some time in the way back when I had this idea.  I had seen good things about Gilwell 24 a camp for Explorer Scouts that runs for an entire 24 hour period and thought that it sounded like a great idea to strip down and run for the Scouts as a district camp. Except I don’t think I really realised how long 24 hours actually is.  My basic idea was that I would run the camp with a regular Friday night programme and then the 24 hour part would commence at breakfast on Saturday. I split the day up into 3.5 hour activity sessions and put bases on that would take 30 minutes (ish) to complete.  More bases during the day and early evening and slightly less in the early morning as some of the Scouts would give up and go to sleep.  I put a cinema on in a building on the site and held a midnight camp fire.  Nick my DSL took the Scouts off for a wide game at 1 in the morning.

Overall the camp was a success, the kids had a great time and I’ve had some emails thanking me for running it. But I’m not sure If I want to stay up for 24 hours again, well not for a little while anyway.