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Turning Points

This morning when I stepped on my scales the reading was dead on 100KG.


Apparently according to another blog post in November I now need to buy some clothes from Howies.  To be fair, I think I might wait a little longer and hold out for the single speed bicycle I promised myself when I reached 90KG.  Not sure how Briony might feel about that considering I’ve only just had a new bicycle in Febuary and I’m off to Sweden for 3 weeks really soon.

Since November my focus has really changed, back then I needed to bribe myself and didn’t imagine I’d be living with the most fantastic person.  It’s taken me 6 months to shift 7 Kilos, lets see if we can do 10 kilos in 10 weeks and be 90 Kilos in time for the Jamboree.

Right, back to it.

One reply on “Turning Points”

Whoop whoop! Go Dave! 10kg in 10 weeks sounds very ambitious – don’t be disappointed if you don’t make it.

I’m sort of surprised you don’t want the new clothes – it sounds like you don’t fit in the old ones?!!! But fair enough – Jamboree is plenty to get excited about, much better than clothes shopping!! (or even bike shopping!)

Remember Jamboree will probably make you lose a bit more weight, but you might put some back on or at least slow down your loss when you get back as you adjust tempo again!

Glad Briony is helping with the weight loss – I appear to have the opposite effect on Robert 🙁 (well, sort of, he’s gained weight fairly consistently since we met, during which time we’ve lived together and lived apart…)

See you at the weekend?