My Trousers Appear To Be Falling Down.

So in one of those remarkable events in life I’ve started to notice that my clothes don’t fit any more!  And not in the usual way where they are too small, no they are to big.  Which quite frankly is a big deal for me.  About 6 months ago I noticed that the 38 inch waist jeans I bought where getting a little loose but anything smaller didn’t really fit.  Sometime around Christmas I started wearing 36 inch waist jeans which now are much to baggy, I’ve put extra holes in my belt and will probably have to do the same this afternoon.

I’ve always had a problem getting beneath the 100KG mark, no matter how many targets I set something always seems to push me back up.  But now with the help of my girlfriend it actually looks like it’s going to happen and I’m just hanging on the precipice about to crash through the threshold into double digits instead of triple digits and stay there.