In 6 Months From Now

In 6 Months From Now

So I was catching up with my twitter feed from today after eating a quite scrummy tea cooked by my sweetie and this tweet popped up from the UK Contingent twitter feed

6 months today, everyone will have spent their first night back home after their WSJ Experience… Start thinking now about what’s next!

Is it worrying that I’m working on programe and projects that are taking place next year, and laying plans for even further away.  Is it me being organised, or am I just a little bit mad.

If you fancy a peek at what the Jamboree unit here in Birmingham are up to check out our website at

February 13th, 2011 | Jamboree 2011, Lifeblog | 2 Comments

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It’s ok… it’s totally normal, either that or we are both as insane as the other!

I’m off to the Jamboree too this summer with Lincolnshire, but already planning Iceland Jamboree for 2012, Lincolnshire poacher for 2013 and Kandersteg for 2014 (then of course WSJ 2015 in Japan).

I’ve been keeping a diary of all my scouting adventures, is it ok if I link to your site?

Scotland on Feb 15, 2011

Yes of course, link away.

Dave on Feb 19, 2011

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