Jamboree 2011

This Week In BirmingJAM

Well it’s finally starting to sink in, the enormity of what we let ourselves in for on the 13th September 2009 when a bunch of leaders arrived at Blackwell Court for the Jamboree Unit leadership selection day.

Recently we’ve discovered our travel plans, we fly from Birmingham to Munich to Copenhagen on the morning of the 25th July.  followed by departing from the Jamboree on a 6 hour coach ride and a 17 hour ferry crossing to get to Latvia for our home hospitality and finally home via Frankfurt on the 12th August.

We’ve had to give serious thought to patrols, flags, container contents.

We’ve raised somewhere in the region of £69,000.

I’ve eaten so much cake i’ve had to start running so not to turn into a huge blob.

I’m excited and tomorrow is the first unit training day.

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bring on the training pain! Well done to you all. You’ve worked so hard to get this far. You are all a real credit to Scouting!