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Dear Motorists

As a self confessed cyclist I subscribe to a number of twitter users in the cycling community and occasionally a story of tragedy comes up.  A cyclist or a group hit by another vehicle while exercising their legal right to freedom of movement. was brought to my attention, and it’s not so much the article but the commenter’s that wind me up.

So here’s some free easy to follow advice,

1. Please remember that hitting a smaller object with a larger one usually results in the death or destruction of the smaller object.

2. Please for a moment try to remember that your shiny car is larger and heavier than a cyclist or pedestrian (no matter how much it cost) and then see point 1.

3. If you are unable to cope with moving at speed, observing the world around, and manoeuvring you so that you avoid other legal road users (e.g. other cars, motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians) then leave the car at home.  Maybe you should just take the Bus.

4. If you want to do something other than drive the car in a safe and responsible manner, maybe you should stay at home.

I think it’s time we all stopped making excuses and implemented strict liability, I mean when was the last time a cyclist killed a driver by riding into their car?