Post Weekend Blues

I’ve been trying to write this post for a little while and struggling.  First I attempted to find some lyrics that fitted in with how i was feeling and failed at that so then I looked for some poetry and lost interest fairly quickly.

It’s been a non stop weekend, since leaving work on Friday I’ve slept (briefly) at the Thinktank during a Scout Sleepover with 150 Scouts and Explorers, I’ve spent all day packing bags in Marks and Spencers, Spent a delightful evening with some one who knows who she is xx, planted trees, packed more bags at Morrisons, and attended an iceSCOUT organising team meeting.

During this epic weekend I pretty much forgot to eat and sleep and almost passed out standing in Morrisons, if it wasn’t for the kindness of our group chairperson Sheena bringing me some dinner yesterday then I may have been in trouble.

All I’ve got today now is work which justs feels a bit mundane after all that lot.  Anyway chin up and look for the bright side.