BrumJAM 2012

Let Me Entertain You

In 2012 The Scout Association County of Birmingham is holding an International Jamboree called BrumJAM.  It’s being held at our county scout activity centre Blackwell Adventure and is open to 1500 Scouts & Guides from all over the world (including Birmingham).

I’ve been appointed as Head of Entertainment and it’s my remit to plan and deliver all of the Entertainment, the technical aspects for them and organise and produce the opening and closing ceremonies.  So just a little job then.  There’s a long way to go and at the moment I’m in the process of asking people to be a part of the core entertainments team who will be helping me to do the initial planning and organising before we start recruiting the larger team of technical staff, performers, and external groups.

All this on top of running a Scout Troop and attending the 22nd WSJ, I must be mad.

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Really…. can’t imagine who’d volunteer to be on the core events team… must be some daft people.

Oh yea… ooops.

Hi Rich,

I was at the Kent Jamboree in 2009 and the kids in my troop certainly dug the music at the parties, I’ll be in touch after Christmas if that’s alright.

If you need any help with costumes etc just let me know!! I’m only a couple of miles away from Blackwell (infact, its in blackwell scout hut where i am a beaver and cub leader!!)
Lil xxx

Hi Lil,

you mean we live so close together and never realised!!! Certainly we will be able to find something for you but right now I’ve got a Gangshow Producer that could do with some help producing all the costumes for the 2011 East Birmingham Gangshow in Feb if your interested.