Improving My Health

As many of you know I cycle … A lot.  But I’m still not terribly happy with the state of my health the term I heard described was a great little aerobic engine in a crap chassis.

So heres my plan, I’m using a great little website to monitor and track my food intake which seems to be working really well and my weight seems to be in a nice downward direction.  They also have an iPhone app which means I have no excuse not to record what I’m eating.

To complement the cycling I’m always doing I’ve also started running.  I’m using the Runners World beginners course and building up and hopefully I can stick to it as It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

As a motivational tool, i’ve set myself some little targets to encourage myself.

Right now I’m 107 Kilos (16.89 Stone)

When I get below 100 kilos (15.74 Stone) I intend to buy myself some clothes from Howies.

When I get below 90 kilos (14.17 Stone) I’m buying a new single speed bicycle.

When I get below 70 Kilos (11.24 Stone) Well when I get there I’ll think of something.

The good thing is I’m excited about the whole thing and even looking forward to my run tomorrow morning.

2 replies on “Improving My Health”

I’d spotted you doing this on your facebook, and it seems like getting a web gadget is a great way to do it!

Running is great fun when you get into it (though it’s been a while since I have…) hope you keep enjoying it!

I think you should have an 80kg goal!! 70kg sounds maybe *too* thin for you though (I was at 70kg for quite a while and I am not a fat girl…) I know BMI is something because you’re not much taller than me; but you should take into account that you’ve got muscles and manliness!!

Good luck and happy running!

Amusingly according to the BMI chart I should be between 51 and 60 and a bit kilos which is like 8 1/2 Stone which is crazy. But your probably right 80kg is the magic number.