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Summer Of Scouting

I’ve been back from Bucks100fest for a little under a day now, and I’m starting work again on my other projects and getting back into the Jamboree Stuff I need to get done.

My Scouting summer started with a weeks summer camp at Peak 2010, and while the kids did seem to have a good time they seemed very bogged down in rules and regulations.  We even had a kitchen inspection and where questioned about how we intended to cook the kids food.  They weather wasn’t very kind to us and the closing ceremony was almost cancelled due to the rain.

From Peak I headed back to Birmingham to drop off the kit, and then on to Buckinghamshire to Chalfont Heights campsite for the Buckinghamshire Guide centenary camp Bucks100Fest.  I arrived fashionably late but in time to do a bit of car parking, something that I repeated a few times.  As a Bucket I lifted, shifted and patrolled at all hours of the day and even sat in the sun and ate ice cream.  I lay on the floor next to a security barrier with Jess crushing my legs and guides sticking glowsticks up my nose during a fire poi demonstration and Hi-Fived so much my hands actually hurt.  And when it was all finished we ripped it all out packed it into vans and cleared up, but only after having a staff party.

I’ve got a few days to myself now and it’s a bit weird being sat at home in the quiet after the hustle and bustle of the last two weeks, but I need to concentrate on finding somewhere to live now.

Oh yeah and does anyone have some nail polish remover I could borrow.

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I was one of the leadersat Bucksfest and everyone of you on the Buckets Team were brilliant.Thankyou for making the camp something my Guides will neverever forget.

1st WhitchurchGuides and Rangers.