Aberystwyth Adventure

Home & Broken

I’ll post a ride report in the travels section once I work out how to convert Garmin gpx files into something a little more visual on the web but for now here is a little info on how I got on with the Aberystwyth Adventure.

Being a man of style and fashion I arrived late for my own grand departe, not on purpose mind I had to stop and remove the toe clips as they were crippling me, somedays I really miss my spd’s but as I almost fell off a couple times later it was probably best I was using flat pedals.  After a few photos and some jokes about possible death and such I set off almost wrecking the bike by riding down some steps which required a quick detour.

The first part of the journey was quite easy going and counting roundabouts using the count from sesame streets voice seemed fun for a bit until the hills started.  While the Bromptons 6 gears are great for the city and the occasional small hill 10% inclines were hard work involving stopping, praying, cursing and occasionally pushing.   Thankfully the fully ( and possibly over ) loaded bag on the front acted as an air brake and the descents never got out of hand, considering I didn’t see pot holes until the last minute.

I’d reached my halfway point of 58 miles by 5am and tried to eat some dinner, of which I managed about 2 spoons and settled for a cup of tea, some water and a energy gel.  I think stopping for too long here turned into a mistake as it took a while to get going again as I’d stiffened up.

I pushed on deciding to follow the A44 rather than the mountain road as my knees were starting to sting a little and managing to pick up some water about 8am at an open public toilet as the rain came in.  While the A44 was flatter and easier going than some of the roads I’d cycled on the head wind felt like I was pushing a bus along.

With only 25 miles to go disaster struck and the chain snapped outside nPower’s wind farm.  After unsuccessfully trying to hitch hike the last stretch I resorted to pitching my tent and waiting for my rescuers to arrive.  While I had spare chain links in my tool kit I had managed to leave the chain tool at home I guess after a night of me standing on the pedals pushing for all my worth it just couldn’t take any more and sheared.

I’m not planning to try this again at all … ok so I am but maybe on a proper bike or with less stuff or less pie in me.

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Awwww…. Dave… What a lovely story, shame about the snapped chain! One heck of an achievement though! Well done!