Jamboree 2011

And we are off.

Last night was the first meeting of the Birmingham Jamboree unit leadership teams.  We have one and a half units so a team of four leaders and a team of two.  To add to the mix we have the county team supporting us as well so a mix of people at the meeting.  I’m in the full size Birmingham unit with Steve (our unit leader), Maxine, and John.  Keith is unit leader of the half unit along with Graham his assistant.

I’m still a bit in shock really the big part of the meeting last night was mostly talking about selection of the youngsters to form the unit and being given wedges of paper to read through.  The other big shock was of course the amount of money we need to raise to get the unit to the Jamboree, it’s not a small amount but we do have something like 677 days to do it so I may be swinging by with a begging cup at some point.

Theirs not a lot to do really until after the unit leaders meeting in Leistershire on the 3rd of October, we’ve got two places for the unit so i’m going along with Steve and hopefully there will be lots of useful stuff dished out at that meeting.  Rumour was that they will even preview the kit we are going to be issued.  How early is that.

I’m going to try and keep this site updated with my goings on as part of the unit so I have a record of what happened in the run up as well as the actual Jamboree like I did for the 2007 Jambo.  It’s going to be a long journey I hope you’ll join me.