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Running Red Lights for Fun and Profit

I’m one of those unusual cyclists, at least I hope I’m not but I have a feeling I am. I’m the sort of chap that has working lights, rides on the road and … wait for it … Stops at Red Lights.

Now while I feel that following the rules of traffic are important especially when cyclists are demanding equal treatment most of my fellow cyclists it appears are not. Now I’ve heard all sorts of arguments for not stopping such as “It only affects cars”, “We didn’t need traffic lights before motor vehicles” and the one I heard yesterday which was “I just don’t care” but the fact at the end of all of this is that the law says you must stop. It’s not a guideline it’s a law and subject to a penalty should the old bill come your way.

I’ve taken my fair share of abuse while out on the bike but nothing gets another road users back up more than sitting at a red light and watching a cyclist breeze straight through without giving it any heed whatsoever. The key to responsible road sharing is equality, while cyclists ride through red lights without a thought a collection of other road users will use that to defend their atrocious driving habits towards us.

What really makes me laugh about this, the chap that rode past me and through a red light last night wasn’t even going that fast anyway. When the light went green I caught up with him in a hundred yards up a slope on a Brompton so it’s not as if stopping would have delayed his journey that much anyway.