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Building my own VJ Software

I’ve been toying with writing my own software for a little while after seeing Matt Randals homebrew VJ software in Max/MSP.  I’m looking at using PureData as it’s a free branch of the code behind Max written by the original author.  I tend to abuse VJ tools in that I like to layer tons of clips on top of each other to make very obtuse swirly art rather than specific images.

I’ve been using Modul8 on the iBook and that offers about the closest thing to how I like to work so far so something simular is probably in order.

I need to be able to

Use my exisiting Korg Nano Kontrol, and some of the others in the Nano range.  Plus maybe generic Midi as I have some ideas for some organic control devices.

Do wide screen video, 3 displays or more.  Over multiple vide cards or a triple head to go.

Play forwards, backwards or any direction I want at the time.

Take an audio signal and use it as a control for filters, direction, speed or whatever else I choose.

I’ll start by building a generic video mixer and go from there.