You must have a valid ticket for your journey.

I’m currently sat on a train in a resonably empty carrage and while waiting to leave New Street I have been pondering over the sign opposite me on the wall. Now I know the actual meaning of the sign but sometimes I like to turn concepts and meanings around in my head, I’m really just wired a little funny that way.

It’s commonly said that life is a journey not a destination, so what if like my train journey you need a valid ticket to ride on that journey. And imagine for a second that there is only a limited amount of tickets availible. Fail to get a ticket at the right time and you are doomed to solitude in a metaphysical railway station. Further more imagine if you attempt to board the journey without a ticket and suffer some sort of punishment, a run of extremly bad luck or falling on hard times a penalty fare if you like.

As with everything for a few lucky ones there is always a way around it, smile, blag their way past the conductor and take a seat.

I think I might read my book for a bit now before I head home to my exciting night of laundry and housework.