PXP IV The Aftermath

On Saturday evening the forth Project X Presents took place at BusK on Gough Street. Despite the owner being a bit twitchy when we turned up with what appeared to be a pile of scrap, and boxes of equipment, by dress rehearsal they where just as excited as us.

In the end I performed visuals for SubSource as well as taking part in the VJ mashup during Marc Reck’s set at the end of the night. After clearing up the downstairs room, I finally got home at 7.30 on Sunday morning.

This was the first time I’ve VJ’d with my own content previously I’d only used Leons stuff, it was quite an awakening although I had what I beleived to be plenty of material I soon ran out and was recycling and using filters like crazy. My new rule of thumb, work out what you think you may need and double it. This means that I’m going to be clipmaking for quite some time trying to build up a collection of unique material.

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Just had a look, shame it only seems to be windows based with me using a mac and all. Although that may change next year when I buy a new machine.

I’m playing around with using my Nitendo DS to trigger modul8 at the moment, hopefully it’ll be working in time for Beats not Bombs.