Buying a Brompton

After a breif hiatus I thought I ought to say something here.  For once Iv’e not been off the air due to the lack of activity but instead of the complete and utter overpresence of activity.  Oh yes I have been a busy boy.

The most important thing happening now is the fact that after years of lusting after one I have recently ordered a Brompton M6R in Jaffa Orange from Avon Valley Cyclery.  The little British made folding bike is setting me back a few sheckles but is being subsidised by my employers bike to work scheme.

I’m hoping that it will arrive in time to take to Switzerland with me in August.  Would be quite nice for nipping from the campsite to the cafe and bar of an evening or just chasing the Scouts around.  I’m planning to use it to get to the Gilwell reunion this year in a monster Folding Bike, Coach, Folding Bike, Train, Folding Bike travel marathon instead of renting a car as usual, plus i’ll be able to ride around the site and nip to the shops with ease (the parking at Gilwell is a nightmare).