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I Really Love Cycling

So I’m probably never going to compete in the tour or be able to keep up with some of the really skinny riders I see around the place. But I just love to be out on the bike. No matter how much it seems to hurt or how cold I get or occasionally how wet I get. I can’t really explain it.

When I came back to cycling 3 years ago, I was very much into the special clothes and equipment scene. If some company made a gadget that looked a bit pretty I bought it, to the point where my knackered old mountain bike looked like a Christmas tree. When I bought the Kona I started doing the same thing.

In the last six months whilst cycling through the winter for some reason I felt compelled to do the opposite to the point where all that is left is the bike, some lamps, a computer, and a rack. I’ve stopped wearing Lycra and now just wear some Craig hoppers and a shirt and tuck my trousers in my socks. The only piece of special equipment I use now seems to be my shoes which double as comfy trainers.

And before anyone shouts I do wear a helmet.

The difference now is that I have stopped trying to be this ultra fast commuter who is training for his place on the next race while getting to work. But someone who rides because they enjoy every minute they get on the bike. Even if it’s snowing.