Facebook! And Why It’s A Steaming Heap Of Junk

Last night I was trawling for one or two people on the Project X Presents group that I wanted to add as friends on my Facebook profile. Thankfully they where right next to each other and a few short mouse clicks later and the requests had been sent. Scrolling down the page a bit further I stumbled upon another member of the collective that I wanted to add, so I clicked the “Add as Friend” link and was presented with a red dialog box telling me that I had exceeded the limit for adding friends and I had been blocked.

No indication of how long the block would be or why. So here I am almost 18 hours on and I still can’t add this one person to my friends list. Apparently the act of adding two people has made me a digital leper on Facebook.

It seems that on a site where the point is that you form your social and work networks the very act of creating those networks would allow you to add more than two people at a time. In my opinion the site is just rubbish, but unfortunately everyone uses it and Myspace just sucks more.

!Update It’s now almost two days since I could add friends in Facebook, I tried just minutes ago and still get the same message.