Blinking Eck, It’s Late

I have made a few changes to the website this evening, one of which is the new even cooler layout.  I really must come clean and say that I got the css and images from just because it made my life alot easier.  I then applied my usual WordPress magic and the handfull of bodges required to make all the plugins and junk work.

I have now fixed the photo gallery which is ordered in the right way so photos are displayed in the right sequence instead of being messed around and displayed wrongly.  Finally my Jamboree photos run from start to finish instead of finish to start.

They’ll be a few more bug fixes as time goes by like a couple of menu hacks and such.

Stand by guys we are almost there.


One reply on “Blinking Eck, It’s Late”

Hi Dave–
Your site is a hoot! I’m especially interested in your spirit stove made from a pop can. I, too, want to make something from recycle materials that can be done with my Scouts in a reasonable amount of time. Would you be willing to send a quick end to you directions? Thanks.