Ho Hum Diet Time

I have been trying to shift my excess body weight I gained during the abuses of my body that took place during my University years for quite some time. The problem is that with all of the things I’m involved in quite often I don’t get home till late, way past tea time in fact. So my diet consisted of takeaway and easy to cook microwave junk.

You can imagine that this was doing my cycling and climbing no good whatsoever.

In an attempt to do something, just anything at all I signed up to Abel and Cole’s delivery service and started receiving a weekly box of fruit and veg. However my lifestyle still left me in a position where I was eating crap despite the tasty healthy food I had at home. What I needed was a target (or several).

Anthony and Anita’s wedding in the summer was the first one, there was no way I was giving a speech to all of the people there with a belly you could rest a pint glass on. Just three days after the wedding, I’m due to get on a bus to Switzerland; a country full of mountains, some of which I intended to climb.

Fitz had been banging on about some computer program he had, that used weight watchers points designed for men to help track your intake and loss. The idea is that It’s easier to count points than calories, fats, etc, etc. To make it a bit more interesting theres a wager involved. Oh yes whoever looses the most towards their target weight wins. Fitz however has it a bit easier.  I would go as far as saying that he is cheating. Whilst I charge home, work out what I have, calculate the points, then cook and eat.  He heads to Steph’s house sits down eats, and enters the points score he’s told.

But will he win?

Oh come on, I am determined and focused, but more importantly I like to win.


One reply on “Ho Hum Diet Time”

I helped cook the first day but after severing part of my thumb into the aubergine part of the nice tuna fish dish we did for him, I’m no longer allowed near sharp objects!!! Come on Dave you can both work together on this one to beat the bulge! Still working on my new years resolution for you! Two new girls at dancing around same age as me!! I’m working on it mate!!