Arts Council Funding

Last night’s Project X meeting at the Spotted Dog in Digbeth focused on our application for funding from the Arts Council for our “mini show” taking place in February. Lots of buzz words where banded round as we tried to describe what we were doing in terms that the bods that decide if we get some money would understand and be excited by.

One of my suggestions was “expanding the performance beyond the physical boundaries of the venue” which was an attempt to describe linking up performers from different locations and bringing them into the performance without physically bringing them into the space. There’s lots of other great ideas being passed around at the moment including reusing retrospective technology by integrating it with cutting edge equipment in a semi organic fashion.

The hope is to use the February show as a sort of laboratory of ideas and partnerships to see what might work and what might not, and where people might like to expand the collaborations to a much larger scheme suitable for the major show. Referring to the show as a laboratory is amusing as one of the names for the show coined during the meeting was X-Labs I think it fits quite well, I wonder if I could get hold of some lab coats.