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Bike Trashed, Feeling Blue

After the joy of getting the hybrid dew deluxe back on the road after it’s spell without a rear wheel; disaster struck. Somehow on the way home from the remembrance service yesterday the rear derailleur committed suicide and fed itself round the cassette and sheared the hanger. Unfortunately the derailleur also tore itself in half smashing one of the jockey wheels in two, I could only find half of it.  Probable cause at the moment seems to be some very apparent wear in the lower jockey wheel, this didn’t show up at all when I serviced the bike probably due to being packed with muck and grease.

The short of it means that I’m stuck out on the white bike for a bit at least until the dew is fixed. The white bike suffers from all sorts of quirks like chain slip and wobbly axles and such but just seems to keep tanking along. Shame it’s not very comfortable or quick, in fact it’s the opposite. One of these days I’m going to strip it down to the frame throw all the dodgy mechanicals away, paint it bright pink or yellow, and build a fairly cracking bombproof shopper out of it.

I now need to find somewhere in the region of £50 to £100 to get this sorted out so I can start covering my commute normally again. All in a month where I’m struggling to find the money to eat, begging at this point seems an attractive option.