Jamboree 2007

Day Zero

Today was the day that we had to head to the North Weald Check in Centre and register at the Jamboree. So in true fashion we departed early in the morning and headed there via a petrol station for snacks and fuel and then a quick stop in a Tescos supermarket to see if we could buy a copy of Jambo the Jamboree song but they had sold out.

The check in process was as painless as could be allthough the film crew pointing the cameras at me as well as the completely mad Scottish Guy doing the check in almost put me off the whole thing before it started.

Once we had got onto a coach and traveled to the Jamboree site there was the 45 minute walk which was truly from one side of the site to the other. However a kindly guy from the UK offered to help carry our gear and we arrived at the adult sub camp a little muddy and quite worn out. Once we had our tents up myself and Fitz managed to volunteer for a shift in the Kitchens and ended up working till 11pm.