Jamboree 2007

Bad Weather, Birthday Parties and Board Games

Ok so about now I should be camping at Blackwell Court with a Motley bunch of people celebrating Petes Birthday, Yes thats the fella in the dress.  Unfortunatly because of the extreme rain we have been experiencing for the last day or so the campsite was completly rained out and the tents that had been put up in advance had been somewhat submerged.

The surprise party was quickly turned into a spag bol dinner at the 144 hut and a go at a board game (and I may have had an apple juice or two).  Pete got a few presents including the dress which we demanded he put on, and his daughter demanded quite insistently that he removed his trousers.

The plan now is to head over to Blackwell this afternoon and stay in the Manor House instead as the Brownies who where staying there have abandoned camp due to the weather.  All being well I should be on the move by teatime.