Jamboree 2007

20 Past 12 And All Done …

… All Bar The Screaming.

So the Mule was the first to be completed and zipped up, followed by the almost completion of the Cargo which is just waiting for my toothbrush and shaving gel.

Here is the plan for getting to the Jamboree as it stands as of now in the middle of the night.

  1. Friday (Afternoon)
    Leave work early to change and double check my gear.
  2. Friday (Evening)
    Head to Blackwell Court with Fitz for a few days R&R and getting used to the amount of stuff I’m going to be carrying to the campsite.
  3. Sunday
    Laura arrives at Blackwell, the three of us stop over on Sunday night.
  4. Monday (Morning)
    Visit Mom and Dad in Tewkesbury and drop off some 2008 expedition cheques, and hopefully get a spot of lunch.
  5. Monday (Afternoon)
    Arrive at Billericay, Essex (Fitz’s Uncle and Anties Place) and spend the night camping in their garden.
  6. Tuesday (Morning, Quite Early)
    Travel to North Wield and check in and hopefully find out my job role.

Ok I have to sleep now.