Jamboree 2007

D Weekend :: Saturday

So there I am lying in my tent trying my best to sleep with a hangover that would kill a small rhino, and Fitz is outside up to something.  Looking at my phone I can see it’s 8.00, far too early but I appear to be hungry, thirsty, and at the same time desperate for the loo.

I wander back up to the tents from the almost shocking porta-can’s and Fitz is muttering something about going to the shops which I have to agree is a blinding idea.  After some attempt to communicate with Laura who at this point managed to earn herself the nickname Junior and is in a worse state than the pair of us old buggers myself and Fitz recovered the car and headed to the local retailers.

Two bottles of fridg milkshake later I’m feeling much better and breakfast is well on the way.  We decided to go for the healthy option and only had bacon, sausage, black pudding, and scrambled egg.  I would have fancied a bit of fried bread but there you go.  At this point the even older buggers from our county are arriving and a bit of brownnosing / mooching commenced.  Eventually we collalled Junior into the car and headed for the railway station.

Fitz as usual was playing up and decided to sit in a different carriage to myself and Junior,  sometimes I could scream.  With our hearts set on Covent Garden we made use of the underground and navigated around the series of closed stations and engineering works.  While we were there we had a jolly good mooch and spent most of the time watching the street performers while looking round the market.  We had a jolly nice pasty followed by an ice cream and wandered off to watch a guy with a 10′ high unicycle.

The guy behind me at that time thought it was an ideal moment to have a fit and rebounded off the concrete pillar and promptly hit the floor at my feet.  Springing into Scout Leader mode I knelt down beside him and began to assess the situation only to have the releatives shoo me away.  As I stood up thinking this must be a routine thing they have seen before and know what to do about, they shouted “Is anyone a Doctor”  An ambulance was called and the FRU car responded quite quickly.  Based on the fact that the releatives didn’t seem to want my help I wandered over to the Transport Museum shop with the others.

Fitz decided that on top of all the juck he had already bought what he really needed was a plastic police helmet.

Feeling a bit bored we headed for Harrods, on arrival we made straight for the toy department.  If I ever have kids I must take them for days out in the Toy department at Harrods,  They have everything and most of it is out for you to have a go with.  Including the vibrating laughing aliens that are set off by a loud noise, claping per say.  We must have spent at least half an hour finding ways to set the things off until Fitz eventually bought one.

Back on site we located the prepaid dinner (Burger and Chips) and grabbed a Swedish Pear Tea.  A group of scouters invited us to join in a game called Kubb which is an ancient viking game that involves chucking wooden sticks at blocks.  Fitz went first and managed to win his game.  I was put up against Junior who promptly wiped the floor with me.

The rest of the evening was the usual silly dancing, pear tea and apple juice and finally to bed before the sun comes up.