Life update (and why it’s been so quiet)

After proclaiming that I was intending to keep the site updated and promising myself that I would publish something once a week,  life got busy.  And not the sort of busy that generates lots of cool things to blog about just plain busy, added to the fact that I have been making up an shortfall on my hours at work.

For the last week I have dealt with 3 theatre hire companies about curtains for Gloucester Gangshow, flown to Edinburgh for my sisters University interview, worked 45 hours for the council, been on a Chase Walk checkpoint for 13 hours,  and cycled some 200 miles.  Somewhere in the middle of that lot I have attempted to sleep and get some freelance stuff done,  although the freelance is for Pathfinder a national Explorer Scout camp coming up this summer.

It’s better than watching TV, well if I could remember what TV was like apart from glancing at Greys Anatomy whilst my sister was watching in Edinburgh I can’t remember a solid block of viewing over 10 minutes.  That means I haven’t seen a CSI, NY-CSI, CSI Miami, or NCIS episode in about 4 months.  I wonder if they are even on telly any more.

At least I’m loosing weight again, the combination of daily exercise and a very calorie controlled diet seem to be paying off.  As long as I am sensible I should see my previously slow depleting fat deposits gone by this time next year.  By that point I should be around the 12 Stone mark,  I am already planning training around the scheme and if I can remember to buy some scales and record the patterns I will plot some pretty graphs for everyone to see.

Shameless Plug, go and see Gloucester Gangshow and there are plenty of tickets for everyone and it’s a great show for adults, children, grandparents, and in fact everyone of all ages.  The cast have been working really hard rehearsing and the crew have been putting in days on end building sets, making costumes and props.  By the time the cast arrives for the dress me and my lighting crew will have hung, patched, coloured and focused 140 lighting instruments, and plotted somewhere around 100 lighting cues, pulled a tab curtain weighing as much as me into the fly loft and drunk enough tea to sink a ship.  Its well worth the tickets just in awe of the work involved.  Get some now before it’s to late.

OK That’s it for now