First Post (From My PDA)

First Post (From My PDA)

This is the first post from my PDA, I’ve had the thing a while but never really used it to post. Mostly because it takes ages to type anything in. I managed to find a stowaway keyboard on Expansys for £4.50, these things are normally at least £50 mind you I did have to hack the thing to get it to fit my newer iPaq.

Oh well, now I’ve got to fix the PDA templates for my blog so that I can view the thing properly.

October 12th, 2006 | Technology | 3 Comments

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Dave, check this post out. Got a script that displys the front end perfectly. Check my site on your PDA for an example.

By the way what PDA have you got?

Ben on Oct 13, 2006

Ive downloaded the script you use i’ve just got to trick it out to handle all of the customisations I have made to WordPress.

My PDA is a HP iPaq HX4700, provided by work of course.

Dave on Oct 13, 2006

Not bad, I’ve got a Dell Axim X50v. Nice VGA screen!

Ben on Oct 13, 2006

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