No posts and site tweaking

Remember that promise to provide a big update that never happened.  Well I have my reasons, after the Sun Run life just got even more busier than usual so the site hopped onto the backburner.  I have over the last few days been tweaking the site to improve the navigation a touch, photolog posts now appear on the home page and monthly indexes with the link to the full post and photos.  Ive been adding the number of comments etc to the post information as well, not that I have a reader community but one day I might.

A lot of these changes have been brought about because next year is the centenary of scouting and to celebrate it the 21st world jamboree is taking place in the birthplace of scouting the UK.  I’m heading along as part of the International Service Team (once my cheque gets there) and it looks to be an amazing time.  Check back for updates and photos of the year as it unfolds.

I’m off to the Gilwell leaders reunion at the begining of September so there will be piles of news from that no doubt.