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Kona Dew Deluxe (Day 3)

After some first day teething problems the bike seems to be settling down nicely, arriving today was the icing on the cake. My new Shimano PD-M324 SPD Pedals, these are a bit of change as they have clips on one side and normal bear claw pedal on the other letting me just nip out to the shop without having to find the right shoes.

I decided to go for a cruise around Canon Hill park yesterday evening and Beard only just getting his bike back off me came along. The dew cruised the paths and bits of single-track like a dream, however Beard kept showing off and jumping off steps and the like. Hmmm, I kind of miss chunky wheels for that but the speed and ease on roads and paths makes me more than happy for now. I’m still sort of tempted to retro fit the Scott with big chunky tires and a fixe drive chain just for mucking about at weekends but I have spent all my money for now so it’ll have to wait.