They Just Don’t Get It.

This post relates to this article on the BBC News site

Green mini-car to beat congestion

Although I found this quite interesting in a technology way, I have a few issues with people building small cars still based on the combustion engine principle for use in cities. Instead of focusing on improving public transport, cycle and footpaths the EU has spent £1.5 Million on developing, well just a smaller car.

“However, more cars should not mean more fumes, because the Clever car uses compressed natural gas.” Reports Jonathan Fildes BBC News science and technology reporter. Well that’s nice because natural gas is still a fossil fuel and still adds to the whole global warming effect, bearing in mind that the supply will run out even quicker with demand from extra gas vehicles.

“It costs less to run, is quieter and is less polluting,” said Dr Jos Darling, a senior lecturer in charge of the Clever project at Bath University. Yes true, but my daily transport costs almost nothing to run and is completely silent, except for my singing as I pedal along trying to deal with the scores of idiots in their pollution boxes. Yes I cycle, It’s cheap, Healthy and fun.

I may be a bit mad, but when the oil runs out, I’ll still be getting to work ok.