Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Pt 2)

I’m off work today, mainly due to the fact that my sinuses are packed with what feels like concrete and I have a headache that makes me mostly want to die.  The downside i’m bored senseless.  So I took my iPod apart again in an attempt to fix the buttons on it, doing so I bust the connector to the headphone jack.  I have no idea how I managed it but I did.  I could solder the connector back onto the board but I think I had better just admit defeat and buy a new mp3 player.

Previously i had spoken about the race between the iRiver and the iAudio flash players for my replacement needs.  However after spending some time thinking about how much I really like the iPod interface i’m probably gonna go with apple on this one.

Both the iRiver and the iAudio players where 1GB devices for the same money I can get a 2GB iPod nano, hmmm more storage.  Allthough it won’t work with the ton of iPod accessories I allready have it does look cool, have a colour screen, and is tiny and lightweight.  Once I have wrapped it in some sort of polycarbonate protection it’ll be bombproof and stand up to the abusive commute I put my devices through.