First Post (of 2006)

There may be some people out there in the blogging community who posted at exactly midnight but to be honest I could barely stand up, let alone use a computer so it was probably best that I didn’t.

New Years Resolutions
Now really if youre going to do something, do it! don’t wait for a special time of year. But it is a bit of fun to lighten the mood a touch so here we go.

  1. Loose Weight – Yep this year i’m gonna stop beating around the bush and get my slimline figure of 1996 back.
  2. Climb More – Can you do enough climbing.
  3. Have a proper relationship – I guess it’s about time.
  4. Enjoy My Birthday – This year i’m 26, and theres nothing I can do about it. So I better just have some fun.

Finally …

Happy New Year Everybody!