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A Very Noisy Saturday

One of the things I love about becoming the County Commissioner for Solihull is getting invited to the sort of events an ADC Scouts never would.  It’s extremely pleasing to see all ages taking part in some frankly awesome stuff from the littlest beaver to the most senior active support member.

After battling my way through the Roadworks on the Coventry road (two lanes merging to one, I was on the bicycle) I arrived at the county HQ to find a mass of noisy excited beavers eagerly awaiting their party.  Somewhere to stash the bike was found and I was shown to a seat near the front, do you know any Beaver songs was the question, and I had to admit that I didn’t.

First up was Juggling Jim, there is no other way to describe the chap, but off his rockers, he did a selection of tricks from juggling, plate spinning, unicycling, and one of my favourite things had a canon that launched a giant snake.  There was a lot of cheering and applause at one point I thought I might actually go deaf from all the noise.  When Jim announced his last trick there was cheers of two more, two more.

Next up was the party food. Tea and chocolate biscuits came my way and when one beaver knocked over his squash I went and found the mop, which I promptly snapped in half. It was an accident honest. I took and opportunity to have a sneaky look around the county HQ, a little rummage in the cupboards so to speak to see what the place had to offer.  The second session of the party consisted of Ian and some other leaders performing a series of camp fire songs with the Beavers, well I pity the neighbours because the kids joined in with them all and the volume was deafening.

I pedalled home afterwards quietly humming camp fire songs, thinking about the future.

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