Dear Julian

I’ve always believed in the mantra that all actions have consequences. Sometimes these are positive, sometimes negative sometimes a combination of both. We as human beings do not live in personal vacuums so everything we do has the possibility of affecting another person, organisation, or state.

In Sweden you had congress with two females, this may or may not have been consensual, they as has been publicised believe that some of the actions or events were not. Why would you not answer your case, why would you not defend yourself? Action: you had congress with two females, Consequence: you have been accused of something.

Sweden requested your presence for questioning, you stayed on bail with friends, fought against the order by every legal means, and then ran. Ran and hid in the embassy of a country with such a stellar human rights record. No wait you’ve actually hidden in the Ecuadorian embassy that’s the one with the poor human rights record. You’ve offered to be questioned over a video link, but that’s not how Swedish law works, do you think you are so special they should change the law and their procedures just for you?

People claim you can’t go to Sweden because the US will get you for releasing the diplomatic cables.

Here’s the thing,

If you really truly believed in what you are doing, in that the world needs this information and your cause is just and right. Then why would you not go the whole way, instead you think that you can stand in the limelight and talk about freedom and information and believe that you don’t have to face the consequences of your actions.

Private Manning is facing the consequences of his actions right now.

If you didn’t want to live in fear why make such a big fuss about who you were, you could have quietly and anonymously published the materials using shadow organisations to spread the word. Did you make such a fuss because you wanted to be famous, in the public eye, a target.

Mr Assange it’s time for you to accept the consequences of your actions, stop being a coward and set an example, if you truly believe in the freedom of information then let them do their worst. But I suspect you actually just want to be famous.