Shut Up Mr Crow

Trawling the Internet while waiting for something to install led me to this article on the register about TFL wanting to trial driver less automated trains on the Tube.

As usual it seems when TFL change the colour of the soap or the wind blows in the wrong direction, Bob Crow General Secretary of the RMT is up in arms.  Well Bob, if you didn’t take the drivers out on strike so often then maybe, just maybe TFL wouldn’t be considering it.  Let me think how much is a Tube Driver paid Oh £52K.  To drive a train… underground and the buggers still go on strike at the drop of the hat.

So yes Bob no doubt they do want to get rid of your precious drivers, because they cost far too much, and strike when you don’t realise how good you’ve got it.  This isn’t like the old days when the union was standing up to oppression and evil factory owners.