Food & Exercise Diary 27/10/2011

Food & Exercise Diary 27/10/2011

Day three of keeping a log of my exercise and food intake.  This is a lot harder than you think.

07:00  Cup of tea (Soya Milk, No Sugar)
07:30  4.3KM Run (27:19)
08:00  Cup of tea (Soya Milk, No Sugar)
       Shreddies (Soya Milk)
10:03  Large cup of coffee (Semi Skimmed Milk, No Sugar)
       Cadburys Dairy Milk (49g)
10:42  Bottle of black current squash (Started Bottle)
11:25  Tub of fruit and nuts (Started Tub)
12:30  Balti Sauce & Chips
14:30  Large cup of tea (Semi Skimmed Milk, No Sugar)
       Mint Aero
19:05  Chicken Soup
       Cup of tea (Soya Milk, No Sugar)
21:30  6 cubes of galaxy chocolate
       Cup of tea (Soya Milk, No Sugar)


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Does keeping the diary change your habits?

Charliestar on Nov 1, 2011

No and I’m a bit crap at keeping the diary.

Back to the drawing board it seems.

Dave on Nov 8, 2011

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